Everlasting Memorial Seed Card

$113.75$910.00 inc. GST

Beautifully packaged Australian Everlasting seeds, designed for gifting to bereaved clients to grow into a flower garden as a dedicated memorial to their pet.

A high quality, professionally designed gift card, featuring a comforting poem and thoughtful words.

Dimensions: 12cm x 7cm packet
Contains: 1g of rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp. rosea, (Australian Pink & White Everlasting Seed)

From a postage point of view, we recommend ordering a minimum of 50 cards to make your order more economical. Postage cost is dependant on order size.


The elegant 12cm x 7cm packet easily fits within a standard envelope and contains 1g of rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp. rosea, (Australian Pink & White Everlasting Seed).

Created for veterinary hospitals to enhance their professional image by continuing to demonstrate and provide compassionate care to clients who have lost a pet.

Everlastings are an easy to grow, self seeding flower. They are a frost tolerant, water wise flower, and therefore drought resistant. Seeds may be sown in autumn, winter or spring, or even in summer if irrigated.

Planting instructions are printed on the interior of the packet, and simply involve choosing a well drained, sunny and weed free location for a remembrance garden, sprinkling seeds over the soil surface, and gently raking through.  The memorial garden should be kept moist for 2-3 weeks to encourage germination. Very little maintenance is required once the flowers are established.

Everlasting seeds have a shelf life of 25 years, whilst their cut flowers can be displayed for months.

A convenient, cost effective and comforting gift.