Terms and Conditions

Placing an order
An order can be placed either over the phone, by email or via the order ‘Contact Us’ form on our website.

Full payment is required before we will submit a job for print. You can pay via direct deposit, bank account details can be found at the bottom of your invoice. Alternatively you can pay via credit card over the phone. Please note a 2% surcharge will be applied to any credit card payments.

Design process
In order for us to provide a cost effective and efficient service to all Veterinary Branding clients, we ask that you submit all relevant information and images that are to be used in your artwork before the design process begins. We reserve the right to withhold from designing any artwork until all relevant information and images are supplied.

Included in the quoted artwork price is a maximum of three rounds of artwork proofing. Any additional rounds of proofing will be charged out at a rate of $20 per proof.

Approval of an order
A final soft PDF proof of your order will be emailed to the client for approval to print. The purpose of this proof is to allow the client to check over the artwork to ensure that all details within the proof are correct. Printing will only commence once written approval of the PDF proof has been received via email.

It is the client’s responsibility to check that all aspects of the artwork are correct. Veterinary Branding will not take responsibility for errors including incorrect details, art, as well as spelling and grammatical errors and will not provide discounts or refund moneys paid if the artwork is deemed incorrect once the PDF proof has been approved and the job has been printed.

Colour Matching
CMYK Process Printing
CMYK printing (also known as process or four colour printing) is a colour printing method that uses four inks-cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). As process printing uses the same base colours on every job, it is a more cost-effective option but its downfall is that colours may be inconstant from print run to print run.

Spot colours (PMS Printing)
The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a standardised colour reproduction system developed to allow consistent colour reproduction across different manufacturers in different locations. PMS colours are created by mixing a number of base pigments using precise colour formulas. Each PMS colour corresponds to a specific number and swatch sample. PMS Colours will always be printed the way they appear on the swatch. The Pantone Matching System also known as Spot Colour Printing, ensures the consistency that is so often lacking with the CMYK system. Using Spot (PMS) colours is a more expensive option however you are guaranteed exact colour matching.

Our prices are based around CMYK or process printing. In order to achieve our regular low pricing, our products are gang printed with other jobs and as such, we are unable to offer exact colour matching on these products. Colours may vary from day to day, press to press and during a run. Various conditions affect colours printed with the CMYK processes and for this reason Veterinary Branding will not be held responsible for any re-print as a result of colour fluctuations and variations. We reserve the right to print any print job on offset or digital presses. Please note colour reproduction can vary considerably between offset and digital presses due to the nature of digital dry inks and offset wet inks.

If the chance of colour variation is an issue and you are looking for precise colour matching across your entire brand and stationery, we recommend that you use PMS colours.

Prices on our website are based on CMYK process printing. If you require Spot colour (PMS) printing, please contact us for a quote.

Turnaround time
The average printing turnaround time is between 5-10 business days from artwork approval. Please note that this is just a general guide, not an exact time-frame. If you have a job that is required urgently, it is important that you advise us of the date the job is required by at the time of order. While we do our best to have urgent jobs delivered on time, it cannot always be guaranteed. It is the responsibility of the customer to allow plenty of time for the preparation of artwork, printing and delivery.

Delivery for an individual order can only be made to one single address in Australia, we do not offer split deliveries. Deliveries should be made to a business address and cannot be made to a PO Box.

Veterinary Branding will not be held liable for products that are lost, damaged or delayed when delivered by post or courier. Any additional charges or damages involved in delivering or re-delivering orders are the responsibility of the client. Any issues involving the inability to obtain a signature or the inability to access or locate the delivery address will need to be discussed directly with the postal or freight company. It is the customers responsibility to liaise with the postal or freight company if needed.

Any questions related to these Terms and Conditions should be emailed to [email protected].

Whilst care has been taken to display the current correct pricing in the catalogue and on the website, Veterinary Branding has the right to remove or change products and prices without notice.

Any quotes supplied by Veterinary Branding will remain valid for 14 days and may be subject to change after this period.